The Truth About HB 4271

Introduction to Michigan Medical Marijuana:

Michigan is a trend setting state filled with compassionate people who care about the pain and suffering of sick people. History will also prove that in “1979 Michigan joined 14 other states when a medical marijuana bill was passed allowing glaucoma, and cancer patients with prescriptions from specifically licensed physicians to receive marijuana for their condition” Marijuana Politics

Fast forward to 2008 the people voted with a sure and clear voice 63.7% of the voting population voted in support of Michigan medical marijuana. This was an undeniable statement with an incredible mandate. Yet years after its passage this people’s initiative has yet to be implemented into law. Even the right to assert the defense provided for in the Act is denied in many parts of the state despite Supreme Court Rulings. The simple fact is that innocent people are made to fear the government. Our civil rights are ripped from us and stomped on by the feet of our oppressors, or so it may seem. The people of the State of Michigan are crying foul and we have proof of civil rights violations.

The reasons are obvious upon examination of the data. We have quantified the breaches that have occurred constitutionally and directly to the public. The government should always act upon absolute knowledge when it circumvents the will of the people. That has not happened in this case.

What we are witnessing in the State of Michigan is a lynching of a whole segment of society and the denial of rights for the rest. When a privileged person of great power by the name of Attorney General Bill Schuette can lead the mob of corporate collaborators to harm the sick something has got to give.

Even sick people deserve due process. Just a fair hearing of the facts, yet Oakland County has prosecuted many innocent people despite the law. This abuse of the people continues because it is allowed to continue. The government goes to great lengths to slander, lie and serve up a steaming dish of libel twisted up with a backhand in justice. A law barred from the courtroom is not implemented. Failure to allow the defense in the courtroom is not the full extent. These violations are continued to be served up in court rooms across the State of Michigan. This proving violations of the oath of office and not faithfully discharging the duties of the office Attorney General Schuette has sworn to protect. Faithfully discharging is not a creative term but implies allegiance to the people.

In the beginning:
The voters of the State of Michigan intended patients to be taken care of without having to worry about an interruption in the flow of valuable medicine. They envisioned people taking care of people. They never intended for marijuana dispensaries to take over the law. Let’s envision a caregiver is caring for four patients and his grow room is over taken by mold, or spider mites. What happens to the patients that the caregiver is providing for? When this situation occurs a caregiver could stop down to the Farmers Market and find a caregiver on the inside of the market that could provide medicine to the patients to treat their chronic condition until the damaged caregiver gets their garden back on track. Farming is a very delicate procedure and it can be challenging when an entire grow is devastated.

When the will of the people is expressed in a voter’s initiative it should be honored by the mighty and the weak because that expression is the unfiltered will of those who accept government rule. An initiative is a correction of government errors. For the government and/or the corrupt to tamper with such an instrument is sacrilege as freedom has been paid for by the death and suffering of the true believers of We the People.

The introduction of marijuana testing facilities:
Quality problems were ravaging the market in 2009, by the time 2010 came to play several marijuana testing facilities began breaking into the industry. Becca Hollandsworth of Cannalytics Testing was a pioneer in small communities. Testing was beginning to take off inside the Farmers Market model, and other dispensary models. Like any other industry a community realizes the problems and works together to find solutions.

Shortage problems occur when a caregiver is not able to produce enough medicine to satisfy the patient’s needs. These shortages are a difference between pain free life and death by pain for a cancer patient. Think about it as a matter of supply and demand. It takes 2 pounds of cannabis to make enough cannabis oil to treat one cancer patient, and this only yields 2 ounces of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil dosages can range from between 1 gram, to 3 grams per day depending on the patients chronic condition. This type of demand produces shortages in a grow room. This is why having an option available for caregivers such as a Dispensary, Compassion Club, Farmers Market, or Cooperative models are integral in servicing cannabis to patients.

On the opposite end of the scale is a dispensary owner. This owner opens up a store and brings in cannabis overages from caregivers. This cannabis is called overage. This overage is sold to the dispensary owner, and the dispensary owner sells it back to the community and includes a hefty mark up. The cannabis could have been obtained at a cost of $150 per ounce is dispensed to a patient anywhere from $265 or higher per ounce. In some metropolitan dispensaries $15 to $40 a gram is the range. This is why Joe Cain owner of Jackson Medical Marijuana Farmers Market to Jackson, Michigan. Jackson is nestled between two major interstate highways. The Farmers Market was necessary to push prices down inside the State of Michigan. The Farmers Market Model arrived in 2010 creating more obtainable prices, and allowing caregivers to help the patients in need. This was community collaboration, and a patient could walk in with $5 dollars and walk out with a quarter of an ounce if they negotiated with the right caregiver. The important part is that every patient was helped regardless of the ability to pay or not.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act clearly intended patients to work with caregivers, and not dispensaries. The State of Michigan should do as the people had intended. If they would have done this from the beginning we could have probably avoided all of this mess that is facing the State of Michigan patients and caregivers.

In the State of Michigan The Farmers Market Model not only helped caregivers by removing the middle man dispensary owner. This made it possible for the caregiver to work one on one with patients in a public place. It joined them together and it made it possible for really good growers to help more than just the four patients allowed by State of Michigan. These caregivers contribute to the Farmers Market Patient Fund, this patient fund assisted low income patients with obtaining free medicine, free, or nearly free medical marijuana certifications. The Farmers Market hosted a series of social mixers through the Holidays that joined a State wide coalition of cannabis patients. Helping them integrate from constant scrutiny, discrimination, and persecution to a loving network of people who want to help them outside of themselves. When people suffer from chronic illness they tend to become introverted. Socialization is an integral part of health and recovery.

Every Friday the Farmers Market would bustle with patients that were ready for the Friday marijuana special, and a steaming hot bowl of Friendship soup. We played games; listened to music, karaoke with boisterous laughing, and socializing. This was an opportunity to build alliances that could warm the souls of a cold hard reality called chronic life long illness. People with no hope, no family, and no friends played a pivotal role in the success of the Farmers Market Social Friday Mixer. All of the people inside the community are suffering with chronic conditions, and illnesses. These social opportunities bring people together and help build friendships, and give support that will last a life time.

The Medical Marijuana Farmers Market served a large majority of people that only use medical marijuana, have no access to health insurance, and lack the financial means to undergo standard health care treatment. This country has eliminated affordable healthcare coverage. The people being served are typically low income or middle income patients and cannot afford commercial dispensary marijuana prices. These patients sought consultation from a licensed practicing physician that qualified them for the use of medical grade marijuana. It would have been no different than a Doctor writing a prescription for a pain pill. What would happen if a regular patient went to their doctor, received a prescription for pain medicine, and all of a sudden the State of Michigan cited closing all of the pharmacies because of one pharmacy in some random city in Michigan was selling oxycodone to people without a prescription.

The problems:

Problem 1:

When the people’s initiative failed to be implemented into law the Medical Marijuana Community was caught in a sea of red tape confusion caused by overzealous communities being forced to create a set of regulations and standards. These counties and the limited ordinances created huge problems throughout the State of Michigan. These problems could have been prevented if the legislative branch would have implemented the will of the people. The Republican destruction of Michigan Medical Marijuana.

Problem 2:
We are currently faced with a tragic situation concerning the care of the sick in Michigan. All avenues were cut off from us when the Supreme Court ruled on the McQueen decision. This ruling handed down a swift halt and quickly destroyed 250 years of democratic rule. The patients and caregivers are preparing a suit to restore the civil rights of patients and caregivers and restore the rule of law. The harm that has been laid upon the sick is inexcusable. This document will provide a history of the grievances and offered solutions based on our many years of experience in this area. We seek quick resolution and have no tolerance for extending the pain of the sick, Supreme Court McQueen Ruling

The Medical Marijuana Farmers Market served a large majority of people that only use medical marijuana, have no access to health insurance, and lack the financial means to undergo standard health care treatment. This country has eliminated affordable healthcare coverage due to greedy insurance companies, out of control health care costs, and influx of poor health conditions that are straining the general fund of Medicaid, Medicare, and other private health care policies. The people being served are typically low income or middle income patients and these people cannot afford commercial dispensary marijuana prices. These patients sought consultation from a licensed practicing physician that qualified them for the use of medical grade marijuana. It would have been no different than a Doctor writing a prescription for a pain pill. What would happen if a regular patient went to their doctor, received a prescription for pain medicine, and all of a sudden the State of Michigan cited closing all of the pharmacies because of one pharmacy in some random city in Michigan was selling oxycodone to people without a prescription.

The Supreme Court Ruling of McQueen basically stopped the poor people from accessing affordable marijuana medicine. Looking at it from a different point of view let’s pretend that a pharmacy got caught dispensing narcotics without a physician prescription. Let us say that they got caught doing this and this issue went to court system. The Supreme Court ruling basically said that pharmacies are a nuisance and the drugs they dispense are a danger to people’s health. The Supreme Court basically closed all of the dispensaries in “OPT OUT” counties. Now all of the prescriptions that were written by doctors are no longer valid. The patient can no longer go to the pharmacy because the pharmacy is closed. How would that settle with average citizen? They have a script to treat the pain, but they have zero access to the medicine in the script. This is the same type of failure that the patients of Michigan Medical Marijuana Act are up against with the State of Michigan. The State of Michigan has allowed local municipalities to take control over the act. It is up to the people to take corrective action to overturn this injustice.

It has become painfully obvious to everyone that the intent of the voters has been overridden by an extreme element in government intent on nondemocratic rule and force of arms against the sick who have dared to use the law the people passed. Caregivers and patients are being robbed in the street and in their homes by criminals who know that they we are afraid to call the police because we end up getting arrested.

Problem 3:
When a person goes to a special physician with their medical doctors that qualify them for medical marijuana they are issued a card based on these qualifications. The patient pays the doctor, and then pays the registration fee to the State of Michigan to tell the State where the patient is housing their plants. The Registry identification cards are taking months, or often they never arrive at all. Despite the law requiring that the cards be issued within 20 days the State of Michigan instructed police officers to arrest anyone with only paperwork despite the requirement in law that stated that the paperwork would suffice if the cards are not delivered in the allotted time.

(b) If the department fails to issue a valid registry identification card in response to a valid application or renewal submitted pursuant to this act within 20 days of its submission, the registry identification card shall be deemed granted, and a copy of the registry identification application or renewal shall be deemed a valid registry identification card.

The law is clear yet hundreds of patients and caregivers were illegally arrested, had possession seized, imprisoned and injured. This amounts to clear civil rights violations. The government did not have the authority to arrest people who were enrolled in the program when it was the government’s fault that the cards were not issued in a timely manner.


Michigan State Police Memo dated April 4th 2009 and it clearly indicated the government’s intent to circumvent the law. It also instructed all police to arrest patients without the registry card despite the law which states;
(b) If the department fails to issue a valid registry identification card in response to a valid application or renewal submitted pursuant to this act within 20 days of its submission, the registry identification card shall be deemed granted, and a copy of the registry identification application or renewal shall be deemed a valid registry identification card.

The law is explicitly clear yet hundreds of patients and caregivers have been illegally arrested, had their possessions seized, and, or were imprisoned, and injured. This amounts to clear civil rights violations. The government did not have the authority to arrest people who were enrolled in the program when it was the government’s fault that the cards were not issued in a timely manner.

Problem 4:
The Law was specific and so were the voices of the voters. Michigan law protects a parent from being denied custody or visitation of a child solely for their legal medical marijuana-related activities. Specifically, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act states in Section 4 (c) that: “A person shall not be denied custody or visitation of a minor for acting in the accordance with this act, unless the person’s behavior is such that it creates an unreasonable danger to the minor that can be clearly articulated and substantiated.”

Child protected services taking away children from licensed practicing medical marijuana patients and Senator Rick Jones a Republican on Senate Judiciary Committee said that a parent using cannabis to treat their pain is not qualified to be a parent. This is the mentality that we are facing inside the State of Michigan. When a parent is using cannabis verses a heavy barbiturate, or opiate they are much more functional. Yet, the State is forcing people from using cannabis back into these poisonous narcotics. This is a violation of our freedom of choice. “A person shall not be denied custody or visitation of a minor for acting in accordance with this act, unless the person’s behavior is such that it creates an unreasonable danger to the minor that can be clearly articulated and substantiated. [MCL 333.26424(c); emphasis added.] 4”

The protest of 2010:

The largest attended rally for marijuana inside the State of Michigan, HighTimes Magazine published this picture in the January edition of 2011.

While thousands of Medical Marijuana Activists protested in front of the capitol building in Lansing, Michigan, a glorified group of lobbyist calling themselves National Patients Right’s Association ,Michigan Association of Compassion Centers MACC, Michigan Norml, and Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, the MMMA decision was not authorized by the MMMA board. This was a total back door deal, with lots of documented emails to prove collaboration. They used the back door to cut a series of deals that would forge forward the recreational marijuana industry inside of the State of Michigan. Details were hashed out over the progression of repressive legislation, dispensary legislation, and controlling advocacy by disrupting legitimate opposition from the medical marijuana community. Key leaders were removed and a massive public relations campaign launched inside the State of Michigan. These lobbyists had full intentions of divvying up the proceeds from the sale of a people’s act of 2008.

Dan Riffle and his team of lobbyists are determined to undermine Medical Marijuana in the State of Michigan, Dan Riffles Cannabis Activist Network. In a memo Dan Riffle discusses the lobbying efforts of his Washington DC Firm have to capitalize on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by trading civil rights like a bargaining chip. This email that was written in February of 2012 sells out patients to the highest bidder. In the State of Michigan on September 19, 2010 the real marijuana activists stood on the front steps of the capitol building while inside behind closed doors lobbyists wheeling and dealing our civil rights away. Trying to stop the negative legislation that Riffle was trying lobbying to enact. Clearly the trading block was Michigan civil rights for commercial interests to bring home the bacon. Joe Cain former CEO of Michigan Medical Marijuana Association reported that he had personal knowledge of the lobbying efforts because he had been to a meeting with Dykema Gossett in 2012 and the emphasis was on the elimination of the caregiver system and the implementation of the Colorado Dispensary model. Joe Cain stated that the Dykema Gossett Lawyer was one of the chief supporters of this shift in rights. It was indicated that they had been distributing generous amounts of cash in Lansing, Michigan to accomplish this task.

Shortly after these meetings, a memo was issued to leaders from various advocacy groups and these groups began to actively undermine any opposition to the slew of ten bills that were proposed to remove caregiver and patient rights. These destroyers were determined to unravel the activist heartbeat that was thriving inside the State of Michigan. Everything from deleting protest event pages, slandering opposition leaders, lying about the magnitude of the proposed changes, additional backroom meetings, and harmful lies that incriminate Caregivers by publicly testifying that caregivers are harming patients, that the only people capable of taking care of patients were dispensaries. The devious tactics that these people deployed in order to destroy medical marijuana inside the State of Michigan was almost a comedy to watch if it had not been so heartbreaking. To actually tell innocent people that your organization would fix any problems caused by adverse legislation is perverse at best.

In newspaper articles across the State the patients and caregivers see “Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said he believes the state’s medical marijuana law has been hijacked by people who want to legalize the drug. Schuette said he believes voters were misled by drafters of the law about its true purpose, and that’s one reason why he does not support an expansive interpretation of the act” The people of Michigan are at a cross roads. Sadly the leaders of the medical marijuana movement are the same leaders that are in back rooms collaborating with our law makers.

House of Representatives Republican Mike Calton is behind the corporate take-over of marijuana and is pulling the political strings inside the State of Michigan in order to accomplish this task. This Republican Representative is the sponsor of this infamous dispensary bill ;that Attorney General Bill Schuette warned the public about.

This bill not only has numerous problems in it but it was written from its inception based on corruption and graft inside the State of Michigan. Representative Calton embarked on a traveling horse and pony show across the state selling access to the highest bidder. Cannabis Counsel Attorney Matt Abel, and his team of Michigan Norml Directors made it a mission to force feed HB 4271 into the lives of all patients and caregivers. They tout that without safe access of a dispensary, patients would have absolutely no access to safe medicine.

On May 23, Vivian Curl form Citizens for Human Rights, and a Journalist for CannaTV, accompanied by Joe Cain CEO of National Marijuana Coalition, and two activists Hairy and Smiley stormed a secret House of Representatives Hearing. This hearing was not publically announced, unless you were specifically invited to attend. We were not invited to attend and we were very surprised to find that this marijuana distribution hearing that affected all patients and caregivers inside the State of Michigan was not publically announced.

The following YouTube Videos portray dispensary owner, after dispensary owner making public testimony about the harms being caused by Caregivers. It was heartbreaking from the view point of a Caregiver. These dispensary owners are going across the State telling people they must support HB 4271, even though it is a clear violation of civil rights. They say they have no intention on eliminating caregivers. However, listening to the testimony given on this day we realized that this was a complete take over: File this in the noticeably corrupt section.

Tuesday May 21, 2013
Phone calls continued nothing to report. Joe Cain received tip about top secret meeting in House Representatives Judiciary Hearing. Joe indicated that there was nothing on House of Representative Legislative Calendar: AGENDA from the House Judiciary: 9:00 AM – Revised Judiciary- Room 519, House Office Building, Lansing, MI- was all that was indicated: . Joe indicated that since we were not sure if this was a real meeting on 4271 or if it was a set up. He indicated that we should immediately start making telephone calls to the House Judiciary.

Wednesday May 22, 2013

In a Facebook Activist calling event we faced a great deal of opposition if we planned on attending this secret hearing. We were told that it was a waste of time for us to attend this meeting. We were told that it did not pertain to HB 4271, and we were threatened with physical violence if we planned on attending this event:

This bill essentially makes Caregivers no longer necessary, and limits a patient’s consumption. Cancer patients cannot afford dispensary prices. Patients deserve to have caregivers and not have to rely on commercialized dispensary prices. Caregivers are an integral part of medical marijuana. The key points were made and that event page really stirred a ruckus. Once the HB 4271 supporters knew that we were going to attend the top secret hearing, and that we were calling Representatives, all hell broke loose in Michigan. They sent in the trolls to cause a ruckus on our event page and deliberately tried to distract us from our telephone mission.


Joe Cain and Vivian Curl head to Lansing to join the secret hearing that was taking place about HB 4271. We knew something was up when we walked into House of Representatives Building Room 519. The hearing was scheduled for 9:00 am. We arrived at the hearing room at 8:15 am (We wanted to make sure we got front row seats. You never know how many people will show up for these top secret hearings). We sat down, filled out the handy dandy oppose or support card, and we were the first ones to hand it to the Clerk when she came into the hearing room with the security guard.

People filed into the hearing room and much to our astonishment each and every person coming into the room was a dispensary owner, or compassion club owner. Incredible check it out:


Joe Cain explains the surprise that we are feeling as we see the leaders of our movement pile into the hearing room. This same hearing that we were told was not important, and did not pertain to patients and caregivers.


Rick Thompson owner of Big Daddy Dispensaries of Ann Arbor said, this was not an important meeting, and it was not important for us to be there, and we were ignorant people for attempting to go: Democracy in action?


We will call this the current state:

The discussion was about medical marijuana distribution: This started out with the Prosecutors Association: Let’s count how many times they mention “HB 4271” – Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Steckler starts with recap of where the law stands. He says this is his second time meeting in one of these meetings. Steckler says the people in the room can decide whether legislation can be recommended:


In this video they give testimony about why they all support HB 4271. They even call themselves National Patient’s Rights Association, the Man in a Wheelchair is a patient, and also dispensary owner. He mentions how he supports HB 4271 because they wrote the bill. He tells about how people absolutely love dispensaries, and communities should in fact support this, and it should be local option. He talks about getting access to the medicine that day. This is all a bunch of rubbish. Just listen to the videos and form your own judgment. Robin Schneider says that people that are in towns that do not have provision centers and towns can keep their ordinances, and say that they do not want to offend municipalities. They said that patients can drive, being sick is not relevant, go drive to Detroit and get their $30 a gram meds, but they are totally happy with pushing through HB 4271. They just really want to share the happy thoughts about HB 4271. However, this meeting was announced that it was about marijuana distribution, but each person that has spoken has mentioned how they support HB 4271: .


In this video they discuss the cities and townships that would opt out of this, they said in fact that opting in and opting is a reason why people should support HB 4271. This is just crazy, creating ordinances that will make medical marijuana patients criminals from one county to the next and this is acceptable policy making? Available to some in opting in communities, but if you live in a community of opt out community your medicine will not be with this immediate access that they claim to want to secure for people. Can you even believe these people are talking about our rights with this much thoughtlessness?


In this video Karen Okeife the original writer of Michigan Medical Marijuana discusses the original intent and voices her support of HB 4271,


We watched all morning, testimony after testimony of people speaking using the name HB 4271 and clearly stating their support of this bill. It was disheartening to watch some of our very own, turn their backs on privacy. We never thought we would see the day that human rights took the back hand to big dollar commercialized medicine in America. Are you kidding me? Look what the pharmaceutical companies have done to our country. They will not stop until we are all monetarily broke, and emotionally busted. Joe Cain gives a recap of the Representative Judiciary Hearing: The only people allowed to speak were people that supported the bill: .


Finally, after literally raising cain (no pun intended), Joe and Vivian were allowed to go to the stand. Becca Hollandsworth did an excellent job detailing the specific issues she handles with testing Cannabis. Joe Cain gave a powerful testimony that was so powerful, they gaveled us, and made us stop. I didn’t even get my chance to speak. Darn it Joe!! Excellent job!!! Standing up clapping loudly, this was the first time being dismissed from a House of Representatives Judiciary hearing with a gavel. However, we can’t say we weren’t warned. We were told when we entered the hearing room that we would not be allowed to voice our concerns by National Patients’ Rights Association, Robin Schneider;

The people are being told that the politicians are not listening to us, protests do not work, letters, and faxes do not work. We are told by Jamie Lowell that the only way we can get our voices heard is to take an offering of cash in order to access our legislative leaders. That is right these politicians are being bought and sold for a minimum of $5000 campaign contribution for Senator Rick Jones vote, or a low bargain rate of $500 for a regular member. Democracy is no longer for the people, but being peddled off to the highest campaign contributors. This was obvious during the recent secret hearings on HB 4271.

The fact that we were not allowed to voice our concerns with HB 4271 is proof that corruption exists in this law. The current situation in the State of Michigan is bleak. We have patients with cancer, and no extra cash to afford the extremely high cannabis oil extract prices available in the commercial market. The McQueen ruling has created big black out spots inside the State of Michigan. Some counties have completely closed all of the dispensaries, while others choose to remain open. The patients are the ones caught in the crossfire and further removing rights of caregivers and patients in the State is the start of a very big problem for civil rights inside the State of Michigan. Our people are being punished with extreme fines, and being forced back to toxic and poisonous pharmaceuticals that are killing more people in our world than any other drug.

The Solution:

Reverse the McQueen Supreme Court Ruling. Attorney General Bill Schuette clearly overstepped his boundaries by supplying bogus statistically information that badly biased the ruling. Immediately restore caregiver to patient transactions. We are horrified to find out that Representative Colton and Senator Rick Jones can be bought at the expense of Citizens Rights, this is a horrific crime a clear violation of human rights because the sick and dying are being put in prison because of the current State of the Law. The people in the State of Michigan believe that restoring the rights to patients and caregivers is the only acceptable solution for this train wreck called Michigan Medical Marijuana. It has been a political sand bagging where patients are the ones that will pay a high price for the lack of action that we are seeing throughout the State. All law enforcement activity toward members of medical marijuana community inside the State of Michigan should cease and desist until the faults of the political system are revealed and the deficiencies are corrected. In addition there should be serious reform inside the advocacy movement inside the State of Michigan. It should be a requirement of law that conflicts of interest are revealed to members of the organization. In Michigan it has been the fox watching the hen house, and even a wise man knows a fox should never watch the hen house.

Written by:
Vivian Curl, Citizens for Human Rights, CannaTV
Joe Cain, National Marijuana Coalition, CannaTV


CannaTV Video Testimonials Needed


The people of the State of Michigan are currently compiling testimonials that will provide evidence in the Case against Michigan. CannaTV is focused on helping the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act Patients Tell their stories.

CannaTV is a people inspired cannabis reality television network that is aimed at capturing vivid documentaries, testimonials, events, and other meetings that are beneficial for rebuilding a broken and damaged society. We are losing and tattered to shreds from the war on drugs. We must stand up and fight back. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

We are looking for people to add content that will make this people inspired network a valuable tool in the Defense of the people.

We have the capacity for growth.

We have the willingness to make tomorrow better then yesterday.

We are currently compiling a historical documentary that will portray the Rise and Fall of The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. We are looking for 3 to 5 minute testimonials. The testimonials should explain your condition, the medical, legal, or other bad treatment that you have experienced while being a patient using Medical Marijuana in the State of Michigan. We want dispensary stories, individual stories, and everything that tells how you feel about the Supreme Court McQueen Ruling, and how it is affecting your way of life. We want you to be brutally honest. It is your turn, to tell your story.

How can you help?

Upload your testimonial video to:

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We Will Always Remember and They Will Never Be Allowed To Forget!


Attention Bill Schuette, State of Michigan Attorney General

The abuse toward our sick people will not be tolerated. We are keeping track of every single complaint. You will pay for each and every one of them by removing yourself from the field of ever practicing law again. Bill Schuette you are a criminal, and each time I hear one of our people cry because of the injustices caused by your corruption. It becomes more evident each passing day just how critical things have become in our State:

A call out to Sheryl please hang in there.

We are fighting really hard for you, and others just like you!!!

“SB: I wont go to hospitals, unless(the heart) but I wont let them admit me anymore. I cant take it anymore, no more anything, no more sickness!!! God Bless Joe Love Ya”

The injustice served on our medical marijuana patients is less than humane. When our cancer patients, and serious pain patients enter into the thralls of Allegiance Health System, they are forced to leave the natural healing medicine behind, and forced to use harmful synthetics. Allegiance Health feels pretty proud about bullying sick medical marijuana patients.

When we are done with the State of Michigan, we are going to make the hospitals treat us EQUALLY! We are not asking to smoke marijuana in a hospital, but they won’t even let patients continue oil treatment. They are FORCING PEOPLE to leave cannabis behind, or they will be refused treatment..

This treatment despite over 300,000 scientifically proven, medically validated research studies. These people are not just people on a blog making false claims. These are real science documents.

We are tired of the discrimination, and the abuse.

We are taking back the freedoms the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 was guaranteed us. We are compiling extensive research in the form of an Executive White Paper. This paper will be presented to the legislative, judicial, and everyone else we can send it to. This White paper will entail the depths of abuse that has been allowed to occur regardless of a false sense of security. It highlights serious human tragedies all because our politicians continue to fail the people.

Now the people are making the case against the State of Michigan: Join us:



Today the Citizens for Human Rights Team rallied at Bob Evans in Jackson, enjoying an awesome lunch with friends before making there way to Lansing. Food with friends, always starts off the mission on a warm and fuzzy note. We sat together, defined the strategy of today’s meeting, and exchanged encouraging thoughts.

Flashing back to November, the team of patients and caregivers met with Senator Steven Bieda. The team made great progress in reasoning with the State of Michigan. The message in November was sent telling the government to back off. The patients and caregivers deserve privacy rights. If the State of Michigan would have gotten their way, all patients would be registered in the LEIN system. If the patients of Citizens for Rights had not consistently reached out by making phone calls to meet with our Senators about this invasion of privacy the situation could be even more dire.

The push toward freedom comes with asserting ourselves into a positive light. The medical marijuana has been tarnished with recreational pot policy makers. The voters in the State of Michigan would like to plead the case for the Patients and Caregivers.

The Farnham Building in Lansing Michigan is kiddie corner to the Capitol. This building is home to the Senators. These halls are becoming more and more familiar to us. The incredible support that the patients and caregivers of the State of Michigan have had from meeting with Senator Steven Bieda have been very worth the trip.

The weather on the trip to the Capitol was a torrential down pour with this rain came a slowing of traffic. The Team arrived nearly 15 minutes late. The forgiving Senator Bieda, still accommodated us with a quick meet and greet in the hall. Thanking Bieda for his help defending us in November, he graciously shook our hands and explained that due to time restraints he would have to refer the meeting over to Gerald Gill, Chief of Staff, Ninth District.

Following behind the Senator down a hall we enter to the right side into the office of Mr. Gill. At first, Senator Bieda explained that we were here to discuss medical marijuana. Mr. Gill not expecting that we had followed Bieda, seemed frustrated, we entered the room down the hall, appearing was Gill flushed in the face. Obviously hard at work on a pressing Chief of Staff issues. Mr. Gill behind a desk lined with stacks of papers. Bieda thanked us again, then exited the room. The team of patients and caregivers included Joe, Scott, Malissa, Sharyl, and Viv. The team was determined to shed light on current issues pressing marijuana in the State of Michigan.

The meeting with Bieda in November was successful, we knew that getting a second chance could only strengthen our message, and we were right about that. The patients went around the room, pleading the case. The main points made bt the traveling team of patients was:

*Supreme Court ruling should have never included punishing the caregiver and patient relationship.

*Bill Schuette influenced this ruling.

*Over 1000 grievances have been filed against Attorney General Bill Schuette for his influence of this decision.

*Marijuana Legalizers have hi-jacked the law with HB 4271.

*HB 4271 restricts patients rights and eliminates caregivers by empowering corporate interests.

*The voters are not pleased with patients diminishing rights that clearly counter the original intent of the law, which is to have caregivers take care of sick people.

*A Lawyer has been retained and The Patients and Caregivers against the State of Michigan class/mass action lawsuit is currently being submitted.

During the meeting Mr. Gill was pleasant, offered valuable insight, asked lots of question, and he never knew that there were two side to medical marijuana in Michigan. We set the record straight today folks. Take not, the train is BACK ON THE TRACK.

We the people will overcome these challenges set before us. We must remain positive, poised, and ready to demonstrate a willingness to discuss the issues. We will continue to make phone calls, and get meetings set up. Things are just getting started. We will call every single senator.

Gerald Gill asked The team to put together a White Paper. This is a professionals evaluation of the issues at hand, and a way that these issues can be solved. This evaluation will be compiled this week, and we will be submitting this to Mr. Gill. He has assured us that he is in our corner, understands the issues at hand, and will work with us to get our voices heard.

I would say that today was a very successful day!

Onward and upwards my friends!! We got this!!

Vivian I Curl

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Mass Action Law Suit Against the State of Michigan On The Rise


The angels cried from the heavens above as we walked out of Schuitmaker’s office. The team of activists joining Joe Cain and Ci Ci Taylor as Joe believed this lawyer that agreed to hear Ci Ci’s case, will also consider the case for the The Patients and Caregivers in The State of Michigan verses The State of Michigan.

It never hurts to ask is Joe Cain’s philosophy. After listening to an hour of emotional testimonial that Ci Ci delivers without fear. Sometimes shaken with the bitter memory of the event. It feels there is not justice for our people.

Feeling a little weakened spirit, two emotionally charged afternoon meetings. Cici finished her testimonial and the meeting began to adjourn.

Without further hesitation Joe Cain with a sure tone in his voice asked if Obriant would consider representing the patients and caregivers in the State of Michigan against the State of Michigan in a Class action or mass action law suit.

Mike Obriant a civil rights lawyer with offices in Snyder, TX, responded without hesitation. Mike said he would be happy to give it his best shot. He says that he has handled a few high profile cases. Most recently the cases involving the broken oil pipeline neighborhood in Battle Creek (?).

Feeling a little like a kid in a candy shop after receiving this news we rejoiced like school children playing. Not only did Joe Cain secure a lawyer for the people of the State of Michigan.

He also made a deal for them to purchase yearly “Lawyer Insurance.” This insurance could be paid one time $50 a year, or a patient, or caregiver could make payments. This insurance enables a person to retain a lawyer for $50 an hour, instead of the normal $300 an hour fee.

It seems that this has been a very successful day in the State of Michigan!!

The sick people who are paying the price for lack of Safe Access will triumph over this challenge. The Attorney is working on setting up contracts, and a payment system. This program is available for all patients, not just the patients in our group. We are doing it for the greater good of humanity.

Can you feel the love my friends??? Can you feel it??

More details coming soon! Stay tuned!!!

Vivian I Curl

Attorney: Mike Obriant, 2911 College Avenue, Suite 101. Snyder, TX 79549
Office: 325-574-4524, cell: 517-614-8201, fax: 517-913-6030


Illustration provided by Institute for energy jpg

Today was the scheduled appointment with Senate Judiciary Committee Member Tonya Schuitmaker. Unfortunately, Senator Schuitmaker, a known Schuette supporter, and anti-cannabis representative, did not attend the meeting because of a Budget Bill Delay. We were given the opportunity to speak with Schuitmaker s Communications Director, Derek Sova. The conversation started a little slow, and he seemed a little put out at first. We went around the table each of us had an opportunity to speak.

Joe Cain spoke about the civil liberties, human rights, and law enforcement issues occurring in the community, and the fact that we will be addressing these issues when securing a lawyer to take the case.

Ci Ci Taylor spoke of the beating she experienced by Cass County Police Officers, how marijuana saved her from a life of deadly, and addictive pharmaceuticals. Now that the Safe Access has been removed she is left without medicine that helps her cope with her illness.

Malissa B is a trooper, suffering with abdominal cysts, and extreme fibromyalgia has been without the Rick Simpson oil since Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka closed the dispensaries in Jackson County in February. Malissa explained that she is enduring not only physical suffering, but emotional suffering from her pain, and it becomes a financial issue when being forced from Jackson to Ann Arbor, and pay $50 a gram for the Simpson Oil that cures her pain. All of the Ann Arbor dispensaries are open, we guess the law only applies to a select few. The medical marijuana patients in Jackson are left without the safe access to the medicine needed to help them.

Scott mentioned that living on a fixed income, limits your spending on all medicine. Not just marijuana, but pharmaceuticals as well. Scott is a caregiver and patient, and is a front line witnesses to the pain happening in Jackson.

Sharyl fighting an aggressive lung cancer, also has squamous cells on her leg that are rapidly increasing. Her caregiver cannot supply the amount of medicine needed to fight her aggressive form of cancer. Sharyl with tears in her eyes says that she has been without Rick Simpson Oil for the better part of three days. It is harder for me to obtain this life saving medicine. My caregiver cannot grow enough to supply the amount of medicine needed to slow the aggressive lung cancer she has. The Jackson Farmers Market owned by Joe Cain had a community of caregivers that kept a steady supply for all of the cancer patients. Since the McQueen ruling the people of Jackson Michigan are without life saving medicine. We are in pain and hurting ever single day. I am on a very fixed income. There is no way that Sharyl can afford to pay $50 a gram for this life saving oil.

Malissa offered that most patients cannot afford to pay these outrageous prices at these commercialized dispensaries. It’s not bad enough that a cancer is trying hard to take over, but the pain, and mental trauma from being without life saving medicine has been too much to bear.

Sharyl speaks up with tears in her eyes as she pleads, why did the people pay into the system, get promised hope, and then have it taken away? How can this be happening, isn’t this America? Don’t we have rights?

Cain continues that we see our friends, family, loved ones, and our community suffering, but because of an unjust system, we the caregivers are choosing to continue to help these patients. It is against the law, and caregivers now face criminal charges for helping a patient that is not their own.

Vivian speaks not all patients in Michigan are suffering. It seems that many in other cities are still functioning really well at $30 a gram or higher for 1 gram of Simpson Oil. These dispensaries that have used the Supreme Court ruling as opportunity to hi-jack and push through a monopoly ridden HB 4271. Mi-Norml, which goes against its own by laws has made a futile attempt to cash in on a Michigan version of the broken Colorado System.

Cain includes that Michigan voters, patients, and caregivers inside the National Marijuana Coalition do not support HB 4271. Cain said these people paid into the system, and that system was supposed to protect them, but now the system is gearing up for big dollar interest, and the expense of the sick and poor that this law was intended to protect.

Cain continues it protects the patients, but caregivers cannot assist each other. This component was the balance needed to supply a community burdened with high numbers of cancer patients.

Vivian includes that the protection is given to a select few like Hydroworld in Jackson which remains open to this day. Even after The Jackson Farmers Market has been served with two cease and desist orders, and faces a steady stream of parked police cars in front of the building. Does this seem fair? How can the State pick and choose who gets access to this valuable life saving medicine and gets denied?

Vivian continues that as Secretary of a newly forming non-profit political activist committee we are obviously losing the battle in Jackson, and some other counties across the State. On behalf of the patients in our newly formed organization we do not support HB 4271. This newly formed organization includes an active state wide coalition of voters, patients, caregivers, and civil rights activists. As Secretary of the Board of Directors, I am speaking on behalf of a 1,423 members organization that is less than one week old. These members are active cannabis, and civil rights activists that are joining forces to address these unjust actions taken by our government.

Joe Cain finished by saying that commercialized interests have been allowed to take over. They have forced the market to close which has created a shortage of valuable medicine. This market successfully kept prices between $5 and $10 a gram. That is what the market brought to the community, and we received upwards between 200 and 300 patient and caregiver interchanging with each other.

These caregivers were able to donate the overages to the oil shiners for them to make the life saving Rick Simpson Oil. It takes 2 pounds of marijuana to make just 2 ounces of the Rick Simpson Oil. When the market was running our cancer patients, and severe pain patients were given for free, the oil needed to keep their conditions without pain.

Cain continued that it takes a community to heal a cancer patient. It takes a tyrannical government to kill them. The Supreme Court McQueen Decision overturned Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, and eliminated the rights of caregivers to obtain life saving amounts of cannabis that are needed to assist a cancer patient with aggressive cancers. Caregivers need to be able to work with other caregivers, that is what the Michigan voters intended when they voted yes to support this law.

Derek Sova, somber faced, almost appearing with a corner tear, just maybe, after listening to Sharyls emotional plea. Maybe these people just didn’t understand the entire scope of the patient hardship and suffering this injust attempt . He took lots of notes, said he would be reviewing the collection on CannaTV, at part of the system. He took lots of notes, and was emotionally stirred, you could see it in his eyes. We shook his hand, thanked him tremendously for taking the time to hear all of us speak. For this we were very grateful.

We are asking abNorml members to please write an email to Derek Sova, and copy Senator Tonya Schuitmaker. Please tell them you speak on behalf of the newly formed political action committee that is focused on taking care of the people in our communities. Tell them that you are not criminals, you are compassionate, tender humans, and tell them your story. We need everyone to jump in on this one.

We Got this My Friends!! It only gets better from here!

Viv TakeIt-Easy Breezy, Secretary on The Board of Directors for Newly formed PAC that is still working on their name.

Please Email:

Senator Tonya Schuitmaker-

Communications Director- Derek Sova-


The patients and caregivers of Michigan have this to say about the historically low turn-out for Hash Bash- 2013, and they would like to add that it is a combination failure. The first failure was the epically bad weather. Sick people simply cannot tolerate cold and rainy weather. The second failure comes from a push back targeting the leadership of Michigan Norml.

Honestly, the patients and caregivers of Michigan are very upset with Matt Abel of Michigan Norml.
They are upset because they are witnessing a true conflict of interest on behalf of Michigan Norml leader Matt Abel. It seems that there is a bigger profit in defending individual rights and freedoms of sick people from marijuana, then if it were to actually become legalized.

If marijuana legalizes inside the State of Michigan then Matt Abel, Cannabis Counselor, Marijuana Lawyer, who has made a substantial living defending sick people from the battleground of Marijuana Prohibition would lose the baseline of his profits. This is why Matt Abel continues to tell people that the State of Michigan will not see Marijuana Freedom for 10 years.

Ten Years?

The system is broken and we refuse to subject our youth to another ten years of the dangerous drug war. We are not willing to subject our families to the harms of society caused by the criminal justice aspect of our government. The people are not interested in sitting back and paying the price because Matt Abel is not planning on retiring for another ten years.

The people are not willing to be the security funders of his retirement plan. The comfortable retirement that comes at the expense of innocent people. These innocent people who have chosen to medicate with a harmless plant instead of using a deadly pharmaceutical.

The proof is glaring at patients and caregivers inside the State of Michigan. It becomes especially disheartening when confirmed by one of the most corrupt Attorney Generals the State of Michigan has ever had.

When the sick people of Michigan hear the crooked Attorney General Bill Schuette say that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008, which was supported by 63% of the citizens in Michigan, has been stolen from the voters of Michigan when he said “But sadly and tragically, this has been hijacked by pot profiteers and drug dealers who want to make a quick profit, and the real victims are the citizens in Michigan.”

We do not support Bill Schuette, he is anti-marijuana and is as crooked and corrupt as they come however, what Mr. Schuette says is partially true.

These marijuana profiteers are seeing themselves fit to ramrod HB 4271 down the throats of patients, and caregivers inside the State of Michigan. They choose to do this without listening to the people that this bill is supposed to help. Michigan Norml has been in existence since 1973. What has been accomplished since then? We pay these membership fees to support profiteers?

The patients and caregivers of Michigan continue to lose more and more freedoms at the expense of Michigan Norml. The people inside the State of Michigan are especially tired of being ramrodded.

Doesn’t our government do enough of that already?

The people should not have to fight off our own marijuana movement as well. The people of the State of Michigan are on one mission and that mission is CANNABIS FREEDOM, and it is not going to take us ten years to accomplish this task.

This means total freedom for people who are Twenty One years of age or older. This means freedom to consume any way they see fit and call it medical, recreational, but certainly never be a criminal because of it.

When the people of Michigan witness States such as Washington, and Colorado flourishing with green jobs, while we continue to struggle to feed our families and watch them become victims of the war on drugs. When we hear the marijuana movement leaders tell us that the politicians just want us to stay home because they don’t listen to the protests anyways.

These self-profiting marijuana leaders also tell us that we should just push through this bill and worry about fixing it later.

This is not the logical thought process from people who are losing their freedoms and rights each and every day because of a harmless plant.

People should not risk their rights and freedoms because they choose to listen to true science, and not corrupt government and greedy big pharmacy.

The problem is that either Matt Abel has to resign from leadership of Michigan Norml, or clear up these issues. He could clear up issues by assisting the patients and caregivers with the changes that they want to see made to HB 4271, and then resigning as a leader of Michigan Norml. The caregivers and patients of Michigan clearly do not support the way that HB 4271 is currently written.

The caregivers and patients of Michigan will continue to turn from Michigan Norml, until changes have been made to this bill. The leadership of Michigan Norml must address Matt Abel’s conflict of interest. Until these changes have been made it is clear that Michigan Norml will continue to see a decline in the attendance of their events, and future membership enrollments.

Vivian I Curl, Journalist with CannaTV.Org, Blogger, Social Networker, Communication Specialist

Michigan Supreme Court McQueen Decision is Denying Safe Access

January_Issue_High_TimesThe Truth about Michigan Supreme Court McQueen Decision

In the Michigan Supreme Court Case of  Brandon McQueen and Mathew Taylor, doing business as the Compassionate Apothecary, LLC Judge Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr., with Court Justices Michael F. Cavanagh, Stephen J. Markman, Mary Beth KellyBrian K. Zahra ruled that dispensaries were “that any facilitation of a patient to-patient transfer of marijuana is enjoinable as a nuisance. Justice  Bridget M. McCormack was not in attendance for this ruling.

The confusion comes from the patients of the State of Michigan that paid into the system for protection.  Since the McQueen Ruling, Jackson County Prosecutor ordered Cease and Desist  letter‘s ordering the closure of all dispensaries.  The patients were not given warning, most of them un-aware that this ruling would change the face of medical marijuana.

Cheryl is a Jackson Farmers Market Medical Marijuana Patient that has been receiving free cannabis oil for the treatment of her cancer.  Cheryl explains in this vivid eye opening video the tragedy that really happened when Michigan Prosecutors turned their back’s on Medical Marijuana Patients in the State of Michigan.  This journalist was literally driven to tears by Cheryl’s compelling story.

Cheryl is just one of the thousands of people who have been adversely affected by this defunct ruling that has left patients in the State of Michigan wondering what happened to their law, and who is protecting their rights?

On April 9, 2013 at High Noon an organized peaceful group of State wide protesters will gather together to stand up for those victims that cannot stand up with them.  Lansing, Michigan will be hustling with voices of patients, and those people who support the sick people, and the citizens vote in the State of Michigan: WATCH CHERYL’S COMPELLING VIDEO:

Directions to the Capitol in Lansing, MI

Facebook Event Page for detail:

Written by Vivian I Curl, Journalist for CannaTV, Blogger, Activist of Cannabis Freedom

Poverty Fueled by the Drug War


Don’t be foolish! What we are witnessing is the collaboration between brute force government that uses legal strength, and corporate paid interest to fund, manipulate, and destroy anyone that commits a crime against them by getting caught with a drug that is considered to be an illegal, illicit drug.  There is a price that is being paid for this war.  The price, the burden, the shame is carried by the people who fall victim to this unjust legal machine. 

That’s right, the language was specific, and will be repeated, people who get caught up become victims of an unjust system.  These people become dollar signs that are destroyed by getting caught up in the legal toils of a tyrannical government that is flawed, corrupt, and  simply unjust! A political hi-jacking that creates suffering in American lives each and every day. 

People who have only committed a crime against themselves are placed into the same category as murderers, rapists, and embezzlers.  Half of these people that are being arrested are choosing a natural way to medicate.  They choose for example medical cannabis, but still pay for it if getting caught, even in medical marijuana states these are still considered crimes, and legally people pay a high price.  Not only do they commit a crime against themselves for addiction but they get thrown into a system of beasts.  

These people are being dealt a devastating legacy statistically proven to be filled with poverty stricken consequence.  These consequences are harming a once bolstering society. 

The destruction of society is not seen by the media.  The media seems to be lost these days.  They go through great efforts focusing on stupid stuff like the Kardashian’s.  It takes applying a diligent and tremendous effort to get them pressured into focusing on the truth, The truth is what they call news is mere fluff.  They cannot handle the real truth that is bludgeoned by the cold hard facts. 

In most cases they underplay the truth, or bend it to glorify the wealth and abundance of the social elites.  They could care less that the fabric of our society is coming unraveled.  The War on Drugs has cost our society tremendously.  The government refuses to acknowledge this break down. 

They pretend to be in control when they are not even close to controlling the real problems inside our society. The drugs that they control are out of control.  The biggest epidemic our country has ever seen is that from the disease called Drug overdose.  These have increased by 300% in 10 years according to

The real problem is acknowledging that the war on drugs is a complete failure of our society.  This failure is resulting in enormous amounts of societal poverty that cannot be reversed.  Until we can discuss the truth, the problem will continue to exist.  The facts remain:

It seems logical that if you break a law, you pay the price.  The person breaking the law should pay the price, and they certainly do.  When you consider that they are first of all are committing a crime against themselves. 

If a person is caught using a harmful drug without considering the health consequences hey, lets face it that should be on them, not the citizens of this country. 

Why should the citizens pay for a drug addict’s recovery? Isn’t that what Psychiatry is for? Health Insurance usually covers drug rehabilitation.  These mental health professionals go to school for years to learn how to be successfully deal with addicts.  Why are we using the prison system, and the citizens money to deal with these drug addicts? 


  • 65 Million People in America have criminal records
  • That makes 1 out of every US Adults now have a criminal record
  • Most jobs do not hire drug felons
  • College loans are not given to drug felons
  • The US has the most occupied prisons in the world
  • 46.2 million people are living in poverty in the US
  • 47% of prisoners are there for a drug offense

Looking at these facts can give a person a very cold hard realization, and fear.  The fear is that our country has set itself up for complete destruction at the hands of the prison system, law enforcement, and the legal system.  These prisoners, and the citizens are paying the price while the rest of them prosper and flourish as they are robbing us blind, and ruining innocent lives.

People are committing crimes against themselves, paying for these crimes in prison, coming out of prison and then paying for it again for the rest of their lives.  Once these people are thrust into the system and come out they are bound to become a poverty statistic.  This will be a life long challenge facing these victims of the system. 


Written by: Vivian I Curl


Above Top Secret:

Federal Bureau of Prisons, an Agency of US Dept. of Justice:

United States Census: